Holistic Flow Relaxation Massage

Soothing, calming and tranquil, a popular full body Swedish style massage, easing your aches and tensions.  Expect a deep slumber of sleep to follow. £45 one hour, £65 90 mins.

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage

An effective treatment using advanced techniques to address your muscular tensions.  Deeply relaxes and improves circulation to the muscles, providing relief to muscle adhesion, which can often be the cause of our daily aches and pains.  Neuromuscular techniques to pin point and relieve knots in the soft tissue of the muscular system.  Recommended 90 minutes treatment.  £45 one hour, £65 90 mins.

Back Neck and Shoulders

Blissful treatment focusing on the areas that modern life takes a toll on.  The muscles of the back, neck and shoulders are susceptible to stiffness, knots and adhesions.  Uses a combination of relaxation, deeper tissue strokes and stretch to help bring your body back into balance. £45 one hour, £65 90 mins.

Holistic Flow Pregnancy Massage

Peaceful, comforting and effective.  Uses a side lying position and plenty of support to make sure your baby bump and you are floating comfortably on a cloud.  Gentle but effective strokes bring you heavenly relief from tired feet, sore shoulders, and lower back ache. £45 one hour.

New Mums Massage

Time to press pause and take time for you. A time of change, hormones and tiredness means its more important than ever to focus on you and only you.  Bringing you deep relaxation, peace and tranquillity.  £45 one hour, £65 90 mins.


A deeply relaxing and ancient foot treatment which involves applying pressure to specific reflexes on the feet, as well as foot massage, to bring balance and wellness to the whole body. £45 one hour.

Seated Chair Massage

A brilliantly uplifting, refreshing and energising massage.  Oil free, with the client fully clothed, using a specialist chair.  This is an excellent form of bodywork concentrating on key muscle groups in the head, neck, shoulders, back and arms.  Notably effective for clients working in a corporate environment, for whom aches, pains and tensions, as well as headaches, are common symptoms of sitting for prolonged periods of time.  A combination of long Swedish strokes, deep tissue massage, pressure point techniques and stretch, reduce tension, improve flexibility and range of motion.  

Also great for group bookings. 

Individual sessions can be tailored for 15/20/30/60 mins.  Price £50 per hour, minimum booking 1 hour.

A full consultation will precede all first treatments to establish an understanding of your general health and to ensure your massage is perfectly tailored to your needs.  For all subsequent sessions, you will be asked to inform your therapist of any changes to your health and well-being so that your treatments continue to be safe and effective for you.